To buy stocks

Reasons to buy stocks

Shareholders may receive two types of income: dividend and capital gain. Company pays dividend to their stockholders allually (or more frequently) if there is profit. If demand for your stocks rise, the prices increase too, and you can sell your stocks at a higher price than you paid for them.

Historical data shows the majority of stocks tends to increase. Don’t forget about diversification. You need to invest in different companies, industries and financial instruments to reduce risk. Price drop of one stock will be compensated with the grow of another one.

If you have block of shares you can control the company. But investors usually buy them to receive dividend and capital gain.

If company makes profit in a year, it pays dividend to their stockholders. If it doesn’t, the investors will not receive money. Stockholders are nol liable for lossess.

Also if company makes profit the prices of its stocks increase. Stockholders may sell his block at a higher price than he/she paid for it. Capital gain is taxable. If stock price falls, you incur losses.

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List of Stocks available

Face value
менее 100
100 - 500
более 500
менее 100
100 - 500
более 500
менее 20
20 - 100
100 - 500
более 500
Book value
Other terms

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How to buy stocks?

Through the broker:

  1. Contact us, Finup24 LLC, a professional participant of security market licensed by Ministry of finance of the Republic of Belarus;
  2. We conclude a brokerage agreement;
  3. We help you to open an account in the depository, where your securities are held;
  4. You transfer amount of money that enough to purchase bonds in any convenient way;
  5. We buy stocks you chosen;
  6. Bonds are reflected on your account;
  7. We send you a report.

Using investing platform finup:

  1. Sign up on finup;
  2. Invest in companies you like in a few taps.

According to the law of the Republic of Belarus, the licensed Broker and a Bank check all transactions in the FINUP platform.

It’s easy to become a company owner.