To sell stocks

If you want to sell your stocks, contact our specialist. Your stocks will be added into list of available, and potential buyers will be able to buy them.

Investors sell their stocks when they need money or when they predict price fall. Investment always involves some degree of risk, especially investment in stocks. The higher profit the higher risk.

Market risk. Stock price may fall due to supply and demand for these stocks, company news.

Liquidity risk. It arises when investor fails to find quickly another investor who want to buy or sell these stocks at desirable price.

Market risk. The company you invested may go bankrupt, so securities are to go down in value. 

Through the broker:

  1. Contact us, Finup24 LLC, a professional participant of security market licensed by Ministry of finance of the Republic of Belarus, then we place a sell order for your stocks;
  2. We help you to apply a depositary order to reserve your stocks that allows you sell them on BCSE PLC or OTC market;
  3. When a buyer is found and money is transferred to your bank account, we send you a report.

Using investing platform finup:

  1. Sign up on finup;
  2. Place a sell order;
  3. When a buyer is found, you’ll receive a notification.

According to the law of the Republic of Belarus, the licensed Broker and a Bank check all transactions in the FINUP platform.

Ask for a callback

To clarify the details of the deal or initiate a deal, please, ask a call or contact us in social media.