Other services

In addition, we provide also the following services:

Investment advisory services. We provide professional support in investing and attracting finance, developing an personal investment strategy that is based on your goals and preferences for stock market instruments, sectors and areas of investment (foreign or domestic stock market).

Security issuance. We help companies to issue securities in Belarus at all stages: from the documents preparation to the attraction of investors. We provide a range of services for the stock and bonds issue both on the stock and over-the-counter markets, as well as support the issuer after the placement of its securities.

Brokerage services on organized securities market. We, as a professional participant in the securities market, offer a wide range of services to our clients who needs to buy or sell securities on the stock market. We always ready to help you if there are any questions during trading on the organized (and OTC too) market. In addition, we make stock market overview.

Asset management. We manage financial assets for the benefit of our clients. For every client we develop an personal investment plan acording to its goals, the required rate of return, risk acceptance, terms, investment directions.

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