Brokerage services

According to the law of the Republic of Belarus, all transactions must be confirmed by a professional participant of security market. For this purpose it is necessary to conclude a brokerage agreement.

We purchase and sell securities on your behalf on organized stock market (BCSE Plc) or OTC. We also provide investment advisory services on issue and placement of securities, current stock market analysis.

We’ll inform you about the financial instrument specifics, stock exchange rules in Belarus prior to entering into brokerage agreement and throughout our work.

To start investing you need:

  1. to open an account in a depository in Republic of Belarus;
  2. to enter into brokerage agreement with us;
  3. to open a bank account in any bank in Belarus.

We’ll help you at each step.

The documents required to conclude a brokerage agreement:

  1. legal entities: Certificate of Organization (a plain copy), Charter (a plain copy), ID of representative and legal representative identity document;
  2. sole proprietor: ID, legal representative identity document (if it’s necessary);
  3. individuals: ID, legal representative identity document (if it’s necessary).

Your securities can’t be used (borrowed to another investor for taking a short position or sold) without your permission, except in certain specified by agent or commission agreement cases.