Asset management

finup24 specialists are in a position to assist both experienced investors and novice investors

Asset management is useful both for individual and corporate clients who have idle money to invest. If you have no time or little experience to make right investment decision you may choose a professional financial manager to direct your portfolio. A broker will sell or buy securities by your order or according investment strategy you chose.

How does asset management work?

Asset management is service that is beneficial both for an asset manager and a client. A client entitled an asset manager to direct his money or securities on behalf of owner to meet investment goals.

What finup24 can help?

We offer several options of asset management:
— by order — your broker is allowed to buy or sell securities only if you give an order;
— by coordination — your broker may offer you deals he think should be made. But he enters into a deal after your confirmation;
— full handling — a broker makes investment decisions at your own discretion. You are sent reports containing deal details.
You may shift option any moment, if you think it’ll better.

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