Investment advisory services

Investment advisory services is professional support concerning investment, raising capital, personal investment planning.

We provide our advice both individual and corporate clients, individual and institutional investors, whether you are expert, or have little or no experience in investing, who considers to invest in Belarus stock market.

We’ll answer any question about stock and bond issue, brokerage service, asset management in Belarus.

It’s very important to make the right decisions in rapidly changing markets. There are a lot of factors that influence on assets prices (revenue expected, introducing a new technology, macroeconomic data, news, politicians’ statements).

If you don’t have enough time or experience in analyzing financial statements and ratio, building financial models, we provide asset management and investment advisory service.

We’ll help you:

  1. To built an investment portfolio;
  2. To choose investments that match your goals;
  3. To analyze the financial assets you are interested in;
  4. To adjust and renew your portfolio.

If you raise capital we’ll help you:

  1. To attract investors;
  2. To find the most cheapest source of finance;
  3. To issue bonds or stocks;
  4. To find options for debt refinancing.

We’ll provide you all analytical and security market review you require.