To sell bonds

How to sell bonds. There are two easy ways:

Through the broker:

  1. Contact us, Finup24 LLC, a professional participant of security market licensed by Ministry of finance of the Republic of Belarus, then we place a sell order for your bonds;
  2. We help you to apply a depositary order to reserve your bonds that allows you sell them on BCSE PLC or OTC market;
  3. When a buyer is found and money is transferred to your bank account, we send you a report.

Using investing platform finup:

  1. Sign up on finup;
  2. Place a sell order;
  3. When a buyer is found, you’ll receive a notification.

According to the law of the Republic of Belarus, the licensed Broker and a Bank check all transactions in the FINUP platform.

Ask for a callback

To clarify the details of the deal or initiate a deal, please, ask a call or contact us in social media.