The issue and placement of bonds

We help our clients to raise financing for working capital to maintain and devepol your business on the most favorable terms.  

Raising finance by bond issue is used by many successful companies. It’s often easier and cheaper than to pay off a loan. Besides, banks set high criteria for companies to obtain a loan.

How it works?
You issue bonds with fixed interest rate (or variable) and the time at which the loaned funds (principal or nominal) must be paid back (maturity date). Then you sell your bonds to legal entities and individuals who want purchase them. You can use the money they pay to finance new projects or maintain operating.
You must pay interest payment and principal in the dates that are written in prospectus. Before you issue bonds finup24 will audit your company to determine a reasonable interest rate and maturity date in current market conditions.

Bonds as financial instruments are beneficial both for you, an issuer, and investors, bondholders.

The information about bonds is available for general public. If you met obligations your corporate credit rating improves, that makes banks and investors more confident. Investors prefer bonds because income from bonds is not subject to taxes.

What do we offer?
We offer you a full range of services including the bond issue and placement:

  • We make a preliminary analysis. We examine and evaluate terms os the bond issue: public or private placement, where to sell the bonds (on stock market — BCSE — or OTC market), collateral,  coupon rate, maturity date;
  • We prepare documents required to the state registration of the bond issue (the prospectus, the issue brief, the decision of bond issue) in the Ministry of finance of the Republic of Belarus;
  • We submit these documents in the Securities Department to register the issue;
  • We prepare and submit documents required the bond issue to be placed on BCSE PLC;
  • We inform potential investors about availability of your bonds;
  • We advise you on the current situation on the corporate bond market in Belarus and provide interest rate, price, volume traded review;
  • We place your bonds on finup platform, where any investor may buy them online.