New Leasing Company LLC

The main activity of New Leasing Company LLC is the providing of services in the spere of financial leasing.

Since January 2021, New Leasing Company LLC has been an official partner of Bank BelVEB. Professional team uses its big experience in solving non-standard projects: management of real estate objects that were in inefficiently managed by owners. Some of these real estate objects were sold after reprofiling. However, the highest quality ones in terms of long-term investment and the extraction of a stable rental income remained with the company.

The company’s real estate:

  • Green City business centre at 156 Pritytskogo Str,
  • in the centre of Minsk — 4 Smolyachkova str;
  • in the up-and-coming district — 39 L. Beda str.

The company has issued two bond issues:

  • 1 issue 7.5% per year in US dollars. The collateralis is an insurance.
  • 2nd issue at 9.0% per year in US dollars. The collateral is net assets.

Want to learn more? Do you want to buy or sell bonds?
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Phone: +375173882930
+375293882930, +375296382930
Address: 23 Dzerzhinskogo AVE, off 433, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus 220069.