Finprofit LLC

Finprofit LLC is a modern leasing company that has been successfully operating in the belorisian market since 2010. Finprofit LLC offers services in the field of financial and operational leasing on favorable terms for their client.

September 17, 2014 Finprofit LLC has been included in the Republic of Belarus leasing organizations register. For more than 9 years the company has been successfully working with organizations of various forms of ownership: both with large joint-stock companies and with individual entrepreneurs. Since the beginning of 2016 Finprofit LLC has focused on providing leasing services to individuals.

Leasing companies are essential in today’s business environment. The company acquires the equipment or other property that is necessary for the client and leases it to him. This simplifies bookkeeping and enables the client to purchase the necessary property for rent, including with the option of redemption after the end of the lease term.

The study of financial statements showed a high level of creditworthiness of the company.

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